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Meaningful leisure time for pupils’ development and learning in leisure-time centres

Review question

The question we wish to answer with the review is: How can teachers in leisure-time centres, based on their task of offering meaningful leisure time, work to develop pupil’s relationships and social interaction and in this way support their learning and development?


Leisure-time centres have been discussed  by a number of sources, including school authorities and researchers. There has been particular discussions on the need to highlight and develop the task and role of leisure-time centres and the leisure activities they offer, as well as the competence and role of teachers in these centres.

The overall task of leisure-time centres  is to complement the school and they should stimulate pupils’ development and learning and offer them leisure time that is meaningful. Learning should be context dependent,  group-oriented and based on pupils’ experiences, as well as their needs, interests and initiatives.

This type of learning does not have a defined goal, which makes it difficult for teachers to assess what pupils have learned. Large groups of children, low staff coverage, lack of suitable premises and the conditions of local surroundings, can also make it difficult for teachers to create good conditions for pupils’ development and learning. An important question will be to look at how teachers in leisure-time centres can create an environment where both learning and social interaction develop, as well as offering pupils meaningful leisure time.

Project group

The project is carried out by a project team consisting of external researchers (specialists in the field) and employees at the Swedish Institute for Educational Research.

External researchers

  • Björn Haglund, PhD, Senior lecturer, University of Gävle
  • Karin Lager, PhD, Senior lecturer, University of Gävle

From the Institute

  • Ilana Manneh, PhD, Researcher/Project manager
  • Johan Wallin, PhD, Assistant project manager
  • Eva Bergman, Information specialist
  • Maria Bergman, Project assistant (2019–2020)
  • Catarina Melin, Project assistant (2020–2021)


Ilanah Manneh
Researcher/Project Manager
tel: +46 8 523 29 809