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Systematic review about general music education


In the current curriculum, music is described as a subject that should give students good conditions to develop musically. The review is therefore focused on teaching that aims to ensure the development of student’s musical knowledge. Thus, the review does not address research that focuses on the use of music to achieve other learning goals.

Depending on the results of the literature searches in national and international research databases and our systematic selection of studies, we might concentrate on music education in compulsory school. According to earlier school inspections, improvisation and composition are areas of general music education in Sweden that needs improving, and are therefore of special interest in the review.

The aim of this review

The purpose of the review is to provide a summary of empirical research which can increase teachers’ understanding of how they can support pupils’ musical learning. In this way, the review provides guidance to teachers, and an insight into their own teaching and how it can be developed to achieve the goals of the music education curriculum.

The studies included in this review observe and analyse interaction and communication between teacher and pupils in music education, with a focus on the role of the teacher.

Project group

External researchers

Cecilia Wallerstedt, associate professor, Department of education, communication and learning. University of Gothenburg
Olle Zandén, associate professor, Academy of music and drama. University of Gothenburg

From the institute for educational research

Karolina Fredriksson, PhD, project manager
Maria Bergman, assistant project manager
Eva Bergman, information specialist
Catarina Melin, project assistant