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Systematic review about teaching democracy


Schools in Sweden have a clearly stated task to promote democracy. According to the law, students are supposed to develop an understanding and respect for human rights and democratic values. But there are different ways of interpreting what this means and how democratic values should be reflected in teaching.

When evaluating democracy education in Sweden we have found that teachers need evidence-based knowledge about how to teach democracy. Teachers we have talked with express challenges to handle different cultural backgrounds, non-democratic values and to support pupils to be independent.

The aim of this review

To provide teachers with such evidence-based knowledge the Swedish Institute for Educational Research is currently working on a systematic review on how to teach democracy and the effects of different teaching approaches.

Project group

External researchers

  • Maria Olson, PhD, professor of Subject Didactics, Stockholm University and guest professor of Pedagogy at Dalarna University
  • Mikael Persson, PhD, professor of Political Science, University of Gothenburg

From the Institute for Educational Research

  • Pontus Wallin, PhD, project manager
  • Ilana Manneh, PhD, assistant project manager
  • Lisa Jonsson, information specialist
  • Catarina Melin, project assistant


Pontus Wallin
Researcher/Project Manager
tel: +46 8 523 29 818