Ongoing systematic reviews

Literacy and Knowledge Acquisition in Science Education for Second-language Learners

For many students who have another mother tongue than Swedish, the language of the school, the partial subject-specific language used in teaching, constitutes a particular challenge. For a continuous development of knowledge, the language needs to be supported in all school subjects. This systematic review focuses on language and knowledge developing methods – in this particular case within the framework of the natural science subjects the science classroom.

Play in Pre-school

The purpose of this research summary is to present research on how teachers and other staff in preschools can develop working methods and learning environments that promote childrens play. We focus the review on children’s social skills and include pre-schools and pre-school classes.

Reading Comprehension and Teaching Reading Strategies

Reading comprehension is a key component of student’s reading ability. However, both teachers and researchers in the field have pointed out that there is a lack of knowledge about how teaching instruction can be structured to develop students’ ability to, for example, interpret and analyse texts. Therefore, this overview focuses on how teachers can work with reading strategies as a specific way of promoting students’ reading comprehension.

Individual Adaptation in Adult Education

The overall aim of this systematic review is to compile and synthesize research on what characterizes personalized education that addresses adult pupils’ differences. In order to meet diversity and heterogeneity, individual adaptation has become a key concept in adult education, which requires teachers to find good working methods and methods to best meet each student.