Individual adaptation in adult education

Review question

The question we would like to answer with the overview reads: What characterizes individual adaptation in education that addresses adult students’ differences?


In order to meet diversity and heterogeneity, individual adaptation has become a key concept in adult education. Individual adaptation in adult education means that there is great flexibility when students can begin their studies, the rate at which they want to study and the study form that can be applied. This requires teachers to find good methods to meet each student in the best possible way.

In 2017, the Institute conducted a needs assessment with teachers and researchers in adult education. A preliminary study was then compiled with the purpose of investigating the need to develop a systematic overview of teaching-related research on individually adapted adult education.

The result of this work has demonstrated the need for a systematic review of education-related research on individual adaptation in adult education. Since digital tools are often used to increase flexibility in time and space, the issue is becoming more and more actualized. It is of great importance that such tools are used in a way that has the support of empirical research and proven experience. The aim of this systematic review is to compile such research and make it available to teachers and other professionals in adult education in Sweden.

Project group

The project is carried out by a project team consisting of external researchers (specialists in the field) and employees at the Swedish Institute for Educational Research.

External researchers

Stefan Hrastinski, Professor and Director for the Technology for Learning Unit, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Andreas Fejes, Professor, Faculty of Educational Sciences, Linköping University
Staffan Nilsson, Associate Professor, Department of Education, Stockholm University

From the Institute

Pontus Wallin, PhD, Researcher/Project manager
Johan Wallin, PhD, Assistant project manager
Eva Bergman, Information specialist
Maria Bergman, Project assistant

Pontus Wallin, PhD
Project manager
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