Play in Pre-school

Review question

The purpose of the systematic review is to compile and present research on how preschool teachers and other staff in preschool can develop working methods and learning environments that promote children’s play. Our focus is children’s social skills and we include research on pre-school classes, in addition to pre-school.


Play is a central part of children’s everyday life in Swedish preschools. Much of the children’s time is spent playing indoors as well as outdoors, together with other children and adults. The importance of play for children’s development and learning is highlighted in the preschool’s policy documents. At the same time, researchers and pre-school staff express a need of extended knowledge in issues concerning the role of pre-school staff’s in children’s play. This overview is based on these issues and its’ purpose is to clarify research-based knowledge, and make it available for preschool staff to use as a tool in the planning and implementation of activities.

Project group

The project is carried out by a project team consisting of external researchers (specialists in the field) and employees at the Institute.

External researchers

Ingrid Engdahl, Associate Professor, Department of Child and Youth Studies, Stockholm University
Anette Sandberg, Professor, School of Education, Culture and Communication, Mälardalen University

From the Institute

Karolina Fredriksson, PhD, Project manager
Linda Ekström, PhD, Assistant project manager
Eva Bergman, Information specialist
Maria Bergman, Project assistant

Karolina Fredriksson, PhD
Project manager
tel: +46 8-523 29 806