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Characteristics of effective classroom management strategies in mainstream classrooms

– a metareview

Review question

The aim of the metareview is to summarize results from systematic reviews to answer the question:

What characterizes teachers’ classroom management that promotes a positive study environment and on-task behaviour.


Challenges with classroom management in Swedish schools have attracted attention in reports from the OECD and the Swedish Schools Inspectorate. The Swedish Institute for Educational Research has identified that teachers express a need of increased knowledge about how to create a positive study environment and to manage challenging behaviours.

Teachers’ work to create such an environment in the classroom and being able to promote pupils’ on-task behaviour, is largely about classroom management. In addition to being a specialist in their own subject and how to best teach it, teachers also need to be able to exercise classroom management. It concerns, for example, how to deal with insecurity in the group and off-task behaviour such as pupils disturbing other pupils or being passive during class.

Teachers need to be able to create positive relationships with and between their pupils, but also to have explicit expectations and norms. Likewise, the teacher needs to have a clear teaching structure that reaches the students at the right level. This is a complex task, and the purpose of this systematic metareview is to contribute with research findings for teachers to be able to develop their classroom management.

Project group

External researchers

  • Annika Lilja, PhD,  Senior lecturer, University of Gothenburg
  • Marcus Samuelsson, PhD, Professor at University West and Linköping University

Från Skolforskningsinstitutet

  • Elín Hafsteinsdóttir, PhD, Project manager
  • Alva Appelgren, PhD, Assistant project manager
  • Eva Bergman, Information specialist
  • Catarina Melin, Project assistant (2020–2021)
  • Maria Bergman, Project assistant (2019–2020)